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New: google weather added, working again, id3v2 parsing fixed

Firmware Changelog Firmware Changelog

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Freecom MusicPal Firmware Changelog
MusicPal Firmware 1.67

* id3v2 unicode string parsing fixed
* youtube working again
* extras/fileserver name#no_linux_ext fixed
* PChome stocks working again

* auth supported, add "#username:password", example:
* ipc_send one line with timeout support and different style added: "/ipc_send?show_msg_box&foo&bar&@23"
* ipc 'play' added e.g.: http://ip_of_musicpal/admin/cgi-bin/ipc_send?play&
* extras/fileserver name#script/tmp/ added
* support, not online anymore
* sleep timer value reported in state.xml
* Kernel: "General Setup -> Support for paging of anonymous memory (swap)" set
* Kernel: "Device Drivers -> SCSI device support -> Probe all LUNs on each SCSI device" set
* debug page: weather kiosk mode
* debug page: show sky info in extras/weather
* debug page: internal speaker on in sleep mode is adjustable

* windows 7 wmp "play to" working
* weather provider added
* yahoo taiwan and korea stocks added
* opml support in extras/rss feeds
* spaces in stream url are now supported [IMDA compliant]
* gets executed on extras/file server shares

MusicPal Firmware 1.59d

* wpa key with 63 chars possible
* Weather Umlaut support
* startup issue fixed
* youtube is working again

* upnp search charset is limited to 'normal' characters
* google finance url change + redirect support
* audio driver turns off amp if in standby
* more regional format support

* greek support (e.g. and
* sleep timer in play context menu
* show favorites in "now playing" webinterface

MusicPal Firmware 1.58

* clock/timezone set fixed
* M80 Radio support
* RadioEssen support
* http link is working again
* cnn rss feed fetching working again
* working again
* rss/enclosure handling fixed
* less upnp traffic
* telnetd working
* shoutcast working again
* and mp3 podcast support

* -qq on wpa_supplicant removed
* random play improved
* twonky closes connection after each request
* extras/weather: new layout supported
* extras/weather: special chars working

* auto select favorites/upnp songs on hovering (can be activated on debug page)
* world clock: add/delete city in menu
* [Please enter symbol] at Extras --> Stocks added
* stocks autorefresh support
* show stock/weather in clock
* youtube in "internet radio"
* html menu collapse support
* bridging support added
* 'Browse by Letter' can be disabled
* logging of upnp library can be enabled
* on usb sticks gets executed
* new stocks provider pchome
* Settings/Display/FontSize/Large Font can be selected
* More encoding supported (requires "Large Font" to be selected):
- rss feeds (windows-1250 encoding)
- rss feeds (windows-1251 encoding)
- rss feeds (windows-1254 encoding)

MusicPal Firmware 1.51

* Opera reload problem with web interface fixed

* Spiegel utf8 handling improved
* HTML page optimized for Windows Mobile and iPhone
* Alarm error handling improved
* Less bass bost
* UPnP server list sorted
* Spiegel Wetter new layout supported
* New layout supported
* better wave support
* weather support improved (german Umlaute are now supported)
* HTML browser support improved

* "Once" play mode added
* 16bit WAV support
* Twitter RSS feed is supported
* Show file size while downloading update
* Podcast support in Extras/RSS Reader
* Google Media Server support
* Swedish added

MusicPal Firmware 1.47

* clock font 7 fixed
* upnp server random play working
* working again
* browse by letter working on Windows Media Connect

* device name can contain special chars
* more wma stations supported

MusicPal Firmware 1.46

* WMA streaming support
* hidden SSID support
* if more than >100 entries in file/folder list, select by starting letter
* multiple alarms
* random play
* "Extras" menu (RSS Feeds, HTML Browser, Weather, Stock Quotes, World Clock, Calendar) added
* details menu entry added
* playlists not sorted

* new timezone/dst handling
* better network-failure detection
* better RSS parsing
* selection in all menues moved to currently playing song instead of last selection
* turning knobs during power off will turn on the display for few seconds

* ntp/cron update working
* browsing large upnp servers is now faster
* don't play favorites if wakeup and playing
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Control your MusicPal from the PC or Wi-Fi Mobile phone. See current song, change volume, skip song, jump to favorites...

Windows Windows · Version 1.04

Windows Mobile Windows Mobile 6 Professional/PocketPC (ARMV4I) · Version 1.04

New: Improved user interface reaction.

Windows Mobile Installation requires Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista, Microsoft ActiveSync for Windows XP.

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Freecom Remote Control

Freecom Remote Control

Freecom Remote Control for Windows Mobile Screenshots
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This code is unnecessary for almost all Freecom users.

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